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Our History

Arrow Electric was formed in 1950 from humble beginnings by Ike Jerred and H.C Henderson in the basement of Ike’s home on Hochelaga St.W. As businesses were expensive to start, they obtained a $600 loan from a friend since the bank would not loan Ike money and a 1950 Chevrolet half ton with their logo on the side. Due to their limited means, Ike and H.C would drive around the streets of Moose Jaw until they were flagged down for work.
In 1953 they moved Arrow Electric to 39 Fairford St.E and in 1958, Ike became the sole owner until he partnered with Sid Glassford a short time later. Due to their business growth they again moved their shop to 134 High St.W in 1962.
In 1977, Dave Jerred (Ike’s eldest son) joined and became a partner with his father Ike and Sid. Also, this same year Arrow Electric was incorporated to become Arrow Electric Co. (1977) Ltd. Once again they moved their shop in 1979 due to their continued growth and they built a new building at 635 Fairford St.W where the business is currently located.

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Both Ike and Sid retired in 1986 and Ike’s youngest son Jeff and Lindsay Clark became partner’s with Dave. Lindsay left the company in 1994 and the brothers ran the business up until Dave’s retirement in 2009. Mike Seip (Dave’s son-in-law) took over for Dave until he left and moved away in 2012 and sold his shares to Miles McMillan.

Jeff and Miles ran the business until Jeff retired in 2019  thus ending an era of a family run business. Currently Miles Is the head of the team. The team at Arrow is comprised of quality trades people and dedicated front end staff.

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